Hello, my name is Maria Magdalena, a mother of a son. My profession focuses on the world of educational innovation, with a dual role as a teacher and researcher in the field of educational technology.

My experience includes metaverse development, where I was dedicated to creating immersive and interactive learning environments. I believe that the metaverse has great potential to transform the way we teach and understand complex concepts.

As a teacher, my goal is to provide an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience for my students. I believe that by integrating technology with innovative pedagogical approaches, we can stimulate interest and better understanding.

As a researcher, I am committed to exploring the potential of educational technology to contribute to the development of effective and sustainable learning methods. My work takes me to a new world where the virtual and the real come together, bringing a positive impact to the world of education.

I'm excited to share my journey in shaping the future of education through metaverse development. Thank you for visiting my profile, and I hope to continue to contribute to improving the quality of education through continuous innovation. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or interesting collaborations!

Instructor for students to take part in the International Metaverse Building Challenge

Build a simulation of a condition that is impossible for students to experience in the real world

Build the serious simulation for school

Speaker at the OSCC 2022 and 2023

Build metaverse modules for school

Educating my students in the metaverse

I dream that the virtual world will become an unparalleled educational utopia, transcending the boundaries of physical classrooms and traditional teaching methods. In this visionary realm, technology will be harnessed to its fullest potential, revolutionizing how we learn and shaping the minds of future generations.

In this virtual educational place, every student, regardless of their background or geographical location, will have equal access to a world-class education. No longer bound by the limitations of physical infrastructure, the doors to knowledge will be open wide to all who seek it. Whether you reside in a bustling metropolis or a remote village, you will have the same opportunities to explore and expand your intellectual horizons.

Imagine wandering through immersive historical simulations, where you can personally witness pivotal moments in time, interact with historical figures, and truly comprehend the impact of their actions. Walk the ancient streets of Rome, discuss philosophy with Socrates, or witness the scientific breakthroughs of great minds like Einstein or Newton.

In this virtual realm, the laws of physics will bend to the will of curious minds. Science will be more than just a theory; it will be an experiential journey. Students will conduct grand experiments in simulated laboratories, explore the wonders of the cosmos, and unravel the mysteries of the universe in ways we could have never imagined before.

Mathematics will no longer be an abstract concept but a tangible and interactive language. Students will venture through mind-bending puzzles, using creativity and critical thinking to unlock the secrets of numbers and patterns, making math an exciting adventure instead of a daunting challenge.

Languages will come to life as students find themselves conversing with virtual native speakers, fully immersing themselves in the richness of diverse cultures and mastering linguistic nuances effortlessly.

The arts will flourish in this virtual oasis, where aspiring musicians compose symphonies with digital instruments, budding artists paint masterpieces using augmented reality brushes, and literature lovers delve into interactive narratives, becoming part of the stories they cherish.

Gone will be the days of passive learning. Students will take the reins of their education, becoming creators and problem solvers. They will collaborate with peers from all corners of the globe, learning not just from their teachers but from each other's unique perspectives and experiences.

But beyond academics, this virtual educational world will foster empathy and understanding. Through virtual simulations, students will step into the shoes of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and

socioeconomic statuses. This first-hand experience will ignite compassion and empathy, transcending the barriers that divide humanity and promoting a more harmonious world.

In this digital realm, education will not be confined to a specific time of day. Learning will become a lifelong pursuit, a continuous and joyous journey of discovery.

As we continue to develop and embrace this technological marvel, we must remember that the virtual world is a tool, not a substitute for the real world. It should complement and enhance our physical experiences, enriching our lives and empowering us to create a brighter future.

Let us dream of a day when the virtual world will be a testament to human potential and a harbinger of knowledge, where education transcends boundaries, empowers minds, and illuminates the path to a better tomorrow. Together, let us build a virtual educational place that uplifts humanity and fosters a generation of enlightened, compassionate, and innovative individuals.